Here you'll find some backgroundinformation about our C64 and PC productions which you can get in the download-section. Clicking on any image will show you a bigger version in a separate window which you can resize at free will.

The early days

Divus Ianus' first demo

This is the first C64-demo by Divus Ianus. Is was written in Basic, since we both knew nothing about Assembler at that time.The music is also by him, made with Chris Huelsbeck's 'Soundmonitor'.

Han Solo's first demo - part 1 Han Solo's first demo - part 2

This is my first (mini)demo and also my first real Assembler project. I had the idea for the two scrollers after I've seen an intro for the game 'Tau Ceti' with one scroller. I liked the design and thought two scrollers might look even better. The fullscreen picture was drawn with 'Amica Paint'. The overscan-routine is 'ESCOS', a little program that zooms pictures over the screenborders (released in the '64'er Sonderheft 20').

Intro for MSE

Maybe you remember the program 'MSE': it was used to type Assemblerprograms that were printed in the 64'er-Magazin. And since demos were new and exciting for us, we decided to give this program a better outfit - and an intro ;)


Defender Of The Crown Diashow-Intro

The 'Defender Of The Crown Diashow' was our first real Demo. The hardest part of it all was grabbing all the pictures, since I didn't know the format of the game-datafiles. Therefore I had to play the game until a new picture was on screen, reset and then find it in the computer's memory. As you can imagine, this took some days. The demo also contains a Sinus-Sprite-Effect, but for some odd reason we disabled the Sprites... The music is from the demo 'Metallized' by Triad. (87/08/15-89/07/13)

The Giana Demo

After we ripped the music from 'The Great Giana Sisters' we wanted to build a Demo around it. We saw the girl in another Demo ('That's The Way It Is' by Scoop Designs Ltd), and thought Giana should look like her - at least in our 'The Giana Demo'. (Giana - Lara Croft of the 80's ;) ). We were pretty proud of the no-border-scroller, since at that time this trick was fairly new. The demo contains all musicparts (including one you don't get to hear in the game) and soundeffects.

The Ninja Demo

Well, basically the 'Ninja Demo' uses the same concept as the previous one: ripped gamemusic, picture and a scroller. Again, we wanted to listen to all the music by Matt Grey without having to start the game ('The Last Ninja II'). I don't know it anymore, but for some reason we knew that this would be our last demo.


Intro for Heart Of Africa

'Heart Of Africa' was our first Intro. The picture is the original gamepicture, but after resizing it I spent two days on correcting all the wrong pixel resulting from the weired multicolor-graphicformat. Unfortunately I don't know where the music is from anymore, but it sounds a bit like 'Crazy Comets' (if you have any further information about that then mail me, please). It seems we made a little mistake there, because when you listen to the music for a few minutes, you might notice it becoming a bit strange.

Intro for Ugh-Lympics Morpheus Intro for Stealth Fighter

As you can see, we basically used the same intro for the three games 'Ugh-Lympics', 'Morpheus', and 'Stealth Fighter' (except for the scrolltext, of course). The music is taken from 'Delta' and the one in 'Ugh-Lympics' is one of the coolest songs I know on the c64 (it runs about 10min). You get another Song when you don't select the trainer in 'Morpheus'. Should you run it on an emulator, keep in mind that Y often means Z :) (89/05/13-90/01/01)


CeByte '92

'CeByte '92' was my first PC-Demo. I wanted to run it on some PCs at the CeBit '92, but unfortunately there were no unguarded computers. As I had no information on VGA-programming except for my ET3000 user-manual, all the colorcycling is done via BIOS-calls and that's why there was not much CPU-time left for other effects (on a 286) - all I knew was how to address the screenmemory. (92/03/13)

The Move! Demo

Our first (and only) Top Crew-Production on PC was 'Move!' and was released in 1993. I would like to show you a real screenshot, but since nearly all its effect are VGA-hardware-effects (I found a lot of information since CeByte '92) it's pretty difficult to create one. So if you're interested, then get it in the download-section and give it a try. Except for the music it should run fine on any modern PC. The music was not made with a tracker (since we had no MOD-playerroutine), but Divus Ianus played real instruments, recorded one after another and then we sampled the whole thing. That's the reason why the sound-quality is quite poor - we had to keep the Demo small enough for download (in 1992 14400 baud-modems were usual) and uncompressed sound in cd-quality would take too much space. Probably you'll experience problems with the music, because we didn't know how to program the Soundblaster-Card and therefore used CT-Voice (a program that's being shipped with the sound-blaster). Unfortunately it seems to work only on some really old soundcards and so I made the music available for download in mp3-format. (93/04/06)