Han Solo's private homepage
Divus Ianus' private homepage
The COEXiSTENCE - Han Solo's pc-demogroup
TRIAD - dealer quality software
Old C64 Crackintros
Doc Snyder's Page - intros converted to flash

CSDb - the c64 scene database - the c64 portal
Defacto 2 - the scene portal and the scene archives
ecs:64 - a collection of technical documents
The Commodore Billboard - an archive of commodore adverts

VICE - versatile commodore emulator
Frodo - the free portable c64 emulator
Star Commander - dos shell for c64 image files

Arnold - home of the commodore 64 games
Lemon - games, covers, museum, shop - c64 games - the c64 web resource
Bruce Lee - a remake for the pc
The Magnetic Scrolls memorial
High Voltage SID Collection - c64 music for the masses
Girls of '64 - preserving the sexy side of the c64

Flopper - the bootable floppy disk emulator
Retrograde Station - really old pc games